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10 03 2012

Dear Friends,

David Riklan, the President and Founder of the # 1 Self Improvement website in the world,, recently created an absolute masterpiece – unlike anything that has ever been created before. The wisdom and the creative thought that went into this powerful book will boggle your mind – and, more importantly, it will propel you to create extraordinary results!

Jack Canfield, Co-Author of the best selling series “Chicken Soup for the Soul” described David’s book as: “The most impressive collection of the best-of-the-best advice from the world’s top success experts. You can invest the next 30-40 years searching for answers or can buy this book now.”

If you would like a concise, clear, gateway into over 1000 years of accumulated millionaire’s wisdom from the world’s most renowned experts in Personal Development industry, you need to invest the next couple minutes to take a look at this.

Additionally, as part of David’s 24 Hour promotion, you will receive bonus gifts valued at over $1,412 (you’ll get even more real gems of wisdom), when you make one small investment into your wondrous future. David’s powerful story is below. I urge you to look at this now!

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To Your Success!

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Are You Afraid Of What It Takes To Succeed?

29 02 2012

Are You Afraid Of What It Takes To Succeed?

In my every day life I bump into people that just can’t get past the limiting beliefs that they can achieve their dreams and aspirations. That little person in the back of your mind that says “Don’t do that. You will get hurt”. How can you get hurt is the question I ask. The hurt of not trying is the real misfortune.

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Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success: A Manifesto

20 02 2012

Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success: A Manifesto.

via Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success: A Manifesto.

Quantum Jumping

20 02 2012

Quantum Jumping is an advanced visualization exercise that will enable you to tap into your subconscious mind and discover infinite number of realities and possibilities. After spending decades studying meditation, yoga, hypnosis, and a variety of other spiritual and metaphysical disciplines, Burt Goldman invented Quantum Jumping in 2008.

We now have over 180,000 Quantum Jumpers from all over the world who continue to change their lives in incredible ways! Become a part of this global personal growth movement and practice Quantum Jumping to get ahead with your career, enrich your relationships, learn new skills and improve your wellbeing.  Read more >>>


Succeed in life



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Succeed in being happy – ‘I Can’

15 02 2012

Healing your life – “I can”

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” — Alvin Toffler

What can I do? This is an important question to ask when one wants to overcome a problem, and being, sad and unhappy is a problem for it interferes with the smooth functioning of the body and the appreciation of the life experience. Being sad or unhappy occasionally as a result of certain effects is understandable and desirable. But many are unhappy with themselves and so unhappiness is a continual undercurrent of their life.

So “What can I do?” is asked in relation to the perceived problem. How do you perceive the problem? The first step in finding a solution to a problem is to fully understand and articulate the ‘problem’. Many assume they know what the problem is and yet are actually unaware of the real problem. So the real solution will not be found. You may be unhappy, sad depressed, these are effects or symptoms and though they create additional problems, they are not the problem.

If you are happy with yourself then you will not have these problems. Though this is true, the wrong assumption of finding, trying or know how to be happy will provide happiness and therefore problem solved. Most of the how to be happy techniques only have a temporary effect as they do not address the underlying problem. So without a clear understanding of the problem, when you ask “What can I do?” you become deflated and feel vulnerable, for you probably assume that you can do very little.

This is a huge mistake and a lie. Feeling that you can do little or nothing, you then put your life in the hands of the experts, whoever that may be. It may seem logical to trust these people, but putting your life in the hands of anyone, has the unconscious meaning that you have no control over your life and living. This is detrimental to the healing process. You truly become a victim of your unhappiness rather than master of your health, life and living.

Seeking expert help is extremely beneficial and should be sought, but make sure you are in control. You are enlisting their help and assistance. They are not there to ‘fix’ you, you are there to learn something valuable to use in your life. You are using them to empower yourself. When you ask the question “What can I do?” Answer, “I will be happy with myself”, “I will love myself”, “I will be healthy” or use “I can” instead of “I will”. “I will” has a commitment applied and is therefore stronger and leads into the future. Though if this doesn’t feel true, then use “I can”, this accepts the possibility that you or anybody can be happy with themselves. Realize that “I can” or “I will” is more important than knowing how! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you have to know how. The how will Always appear once you accept “I will”.

Knowing and committing to a goal is a prerequisite to knowing how. Once you accept that you will be healthy (or achieve any goal) the creative unconscious mind will create or discover the how to. Become an ‘I can’ person, overcoming obstacles, no matter how difficult, makes you a stronger person. In reality, nothing is too hard or difficult once you admit ‘I can’. When you state ‘I can’ you unleash unconscious potentials, that you most likely were not aware of. You have exactly the right amount of potential and capacity to achieve health, happiness and freedom, within you, this is a fact. ‘I can’ is a gateway to that potential. Try it out!


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14 02 2012

Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.                                        

  — Richard Bach

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The Need for Acceptance

14 02 2012

The Need for Acceptance

“Knowing others is wisdom; knowing the self is enlightenment.”

– Tao Te Ching

Before we are born, whilst we are in the womb, we are part of the womb, part of the mother, all connected, an intermingling of chemicals, energy and whatever else is there. When we are born, a physical connection is severed. And we breathe to obtain oxygen and we suckle at the breast for nutrition. Our senses pick up more sensations and we do not yet have the understanding that we are ourselves, that we are separate. We are very aware of how wonderful we feel. We are very aware of being, but we are unaware that what we see is not us. As a baby we feel that everything in our world is us, we cannot distinguish between out there and in here.

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